Wednesday, May 12, 2004

It's the end of the Whedon 'verse as we know it

There is only one more episode of Angel and I am not happy.

I suppose that I am one of the few Whedon fans who will admit to having rather liked Buffy: the Movie. It was quirky, featured a strong female lead and I even got to see it at the Star Light Drive-In. So, when I heard that there was going to be a BVS series, I was a bit skeptical.I assumed that a series would be watered down and lack the humor juxtaposed with classic horror.

So, OK. I was wrong. Needn't have worried. But then I had no idea, at the time, just how diluted the BVS movie was from the original concept. I wasn't prepared for just how fresh and smart and clever BVS the Series turned out to be.

Its spin-off, Angel, has always had a much different feel. It was always just as smart, of course, but it always lacked the optimism of BVS.

Perhaps that's why Angel was never able to capture the imagination or the following that BVS did. But that lack of optimism was true to the characters. They were all damaged souls, in some way. Especially Angel.

Unlike Spike, who won back his soul, Angel got his back as a curse and has always worn it like a curse. The demon inside of him was always fighting to get out. And, while Spike has already proven he is a hero, Angel has yet to prove just what he really is.

He has less than 60 minutes left.

So, next week we'll find out if it's Ragnorok all around. And whether, or not, Angel becomes a real boy.

I'll manage...somehow. I've gotten through the loss of X-files and Buffy. I'll make it through losing Angel.

Just don't get me started on Firefly.

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