Tuesday, June 01, 2004

On Love and Coffee

Twenty years ago, this month, I decided (for the umpteenth time!) that I was going to leave this town for good.

I asked this REALLY cute guy, who was a regular at the bar where I worked, if he could help me move some stuff. I didn't know the guy very well.I recalled that he had said that he had a pickup truck. Other than that, I knew he had an earring, a job and liked Ska.

How could I have possibly guessed that this same man would bring me coffee the next morning? Or that he would bring me my coffee virtually every morning for the next twenty years?

Of course, the really funny thing about our whole getting together thing is the fact that a mutual friend had been trying to fix us up for several years. But we ended up taking the long way around and had to meet up on our own. I had no clue that he was "the cute guy from work" she had told me about. He had no idea that I was the "roommate" she'd told him about. I'll never forget the look on her face when she saw us together for the first time!

Some years later, when we renewed our wedding vows, the priest said that our union had been part of the divine plan from the beginning of Creation. Obviously, my old roommate was the only one to get the memo. Would have been nice to have been in the loop on that one!

But then, there would have been no surprises.

So, here's to TonyP: lover, partner, husband, best friend....and he makes the BEST coffee!

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