Saturday, July 10, 2004

Doctor Where

Watching BBC America, I was thrilled to find The Saint, The Prisoner and The Avengers are now part of the Friday lineup.

What a relief for those of us who simply cannot tolerate one more evening of DIY or crappy britcoms such as My Hero and Are You Being Served (which we can also catch on North Carolina's Public TV...thanks to all of those donations they squeeze out of retirees that hang out at the Cafe at the Village of Fearrington, reading the NY Times and pretending they're not in North Carolina.....but I digress.)

Anyway, Jon Pertwee was on the episode of The Avengers that was on this evening: "From Venus With Love". Seeing him reminded me of a comment someone made the other day about the early episodes of Dr Who having gone missing some years back. Here's a piece about those missing eps and about some of the other bits of TV history that ended up in the recycle bin.

So, I suppose I've no right to complain that The Invaders is not available on DVD. Even though I know that the videos are out of print and that there are no DVDs out there, I am at least reaonably certain that copies of the series are out there.

Perhaps Chris Carter has a copy that he'd loan me?

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