Tuesday, July 06, 2004


I have a second-hand PDA that TonyPlutonium gave me a few months ago. Originally, I had planned to use it to help organise my life.

Well, quite obviously that's not worked out.

The incessant beeping forced me to turn the volume off. So, now the only time it reminds me of anything is if I turn it on.

Of course, I play Solitaire on it. I also use it to record phone numbers and the like.

But the function I treasure most is that it holds the text of several of my favourite books. When I tire of losing at Solitaire, I can pull up Wind in the Willows where I left off, or lose myself in the pages of Dracula.

But the book I want on the PDA, naturally, is The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I never start up the PDA without looking for the words: "Don't Panic".

For all of you H2G2 fans out there, I offer this link.

Check it out and have fun. Me? "I'll root around for the water bison. Trillian, you see if you can find the jar the admiral keeps his anacondas in."

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