Sunday, July 04, 2004

Friday morning I get a call from my mother.

"It's your mother. I'm in the emergency room."

Not a phone call you're ever really ready for.

I was sound asleep when she phoned, so it took a moment or two before I realised what she was saying. And there was rather a lot of beeping going on in the background. Seems her doctor discovered that she has a slight electrical problem with her heart.

My mother hasn't been a hospital patient since giving birth to me nearly half a century ago. So, lying around, waiting, and getting stuck with needles doesn't come naturally to her.

She's home now. I stayed with her last night but tonight she seemed really anxious to get me out of there so she could resume her routine.

When we called her this evening, she asked when I was going to come over to get my carton of yoghurt OUT of her refrigerator. "Are you coming to get it tonight, after the fireworks", she asked, "or is it staying there forever?"

Sounds like she's feeling a whole lot better.

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