Monday, August 23, 2004

I Pray ,When Risen From The Dead....

Some years ago, I ran across a photo of a Shaker sampler with the following verse:

I pray, when risen from the dead
I may in Glory stand
A crown perhaps upon my head
But a needle in my hand
I understand the sentiment. I am seldom as content as when I am doing some kind of needlework.
Right now, it's crocheting.
I recently scored a treasure trove of crochet patterns. These patterns, like the crochet hooks themselves, have been passed from woman to woman in my family for ages. (Some have come to me after a cousin who left this world while stenciling her walls. We are hardcore craftswomen in my family.)
Friday night , I went over to JoAnn's Fabric and Crap and dug through their meager yarn selection til I found a few skeins that looked as though they might be fun to experiment with. I decided that I would make a revised version of a shawl that my mother made for me when I started college.
The project has gone quickly. Maybe too quickly, as I am now adding the fringe to the shawl and have already begun scouting around for the next project.
A fringe-y poncho, perhaps.

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