Thursday, September 02, 2004

My Mother Wore Combat Boots

My Mom called me from her cell phone at about 11:15, this morning.

"I'm over at the Democratic Headquarters. They don't have any of the 'Veteran for Kerry' buttons or signs. Could you order me some off the internet?"

Mom is a veteran.

She was in the Marines during the Korean War. She gave me a cute stuffed bear a few years ago that has a tee-shirt proclaiming "My Mother Wore Combat Boots".

I don't know if she ever wore combat boots but I do recall a group photo taken during Basic at Parris Island. Each woman was perfectly permed and wearing red lipstick. They wore stockings and smart-looking wool uniforms with peplums. Beneath it all, of course, they wore the requisite foundation garments, including girdles. And sensible heels.

On Parris Island.

Now, those were some tough women!

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