Friday, April 16, 2004

Movie Review: Jaws of Satan (1979 or 1981?)

Think Exorcist meets Jaws the Revenge (that's the one where the shark growls). Now, think snakes, instead of sharks but keep Satan and a priest. Did I mention there's a dog track?

Now, I've got a pretty high threshold of B-movie tolerance (as anyone who knows me can attest), but it was a bit of a chore getting through this one.

The story begins with a trainload of greyhounds and a king cobra. Not too bad for openers. But the plot doesn't so much unravel as it never knits together in the first place. Gretchen Corbett plays the doctor who starts to notice something unusual about the snake bites she's been treating and calls in an expert. The attacks threaten the opening of the new dog track which doesn't make the mayor at all happy. But the snakes are not there because of the dog track or even the lovely Ms. Corbett. They are there because of Fritz Weaver, who plays a priest who is under some extremely complicated curse put on his family many generations ago by some pissed off druids. Near as I was able to make out, the priest is left with no choice but to face his foe by going into a cave and lying down in a large stone bathtub.

OK, so it wasn't a brilliant movie. But they did have the decency to use real snakes (for the most part). And one interesting thing to note is the appearance of a VERY young Christina Applegate in what seems to have been her film debut.

Monday, April 12, 2004

A Clean Page

In an alternate universe, my closet is in order and I know where everything is.

That thought comforts me when I am trying to find something in the chaos which surrounds me in THIS universe.

Of course, it might be easier for me to find things in my closet if everything that I owned weren't black.

As part of my attempt to tidy things up, I am moving my blog to this site.

Thank you for your patience, while I try to sort through new templates and such.