Thursday, September 23, 2004

It's Quite An Unusual Thing

A few years ago, one of the TV stations in our area decided to become a shop-at-home channel. You know the kind of thing I mean....They have the really-ugly-jewelry show, the electonics-you-don't-really-need show, the fitness-equipment-you'll-never-use show and the why-the-hell-did-I-buy-all-of-these-old-coins show.

And, from 9 til 12 every morning, they run New Zoo Revue.

I assume that everybody reading this post is familiar with New Zoo Revue. Maybe you weren't young enough to be their target audience. Maybe you were stoned and sitting in front of the TV with your friends. Maybe, like myself, you were a teenager who grew to appreciate the kitschy-ness of the show while stuck at home over vacation.

If you click on the link above, you will find out more than you ever really ever wanted to know about NZR. You will also learn interesting tidbits about the creator of the show (a woman who claims, among other things, to have invented culottes....).

So, if dancing hippos are your thing, if you always liked go-go boots and wondered how Emmy Jo got her hair to look like that, or if Doug's mustache still freaks you out, check out the website and join me in a little sing-along:

It's quite an unusual thing!
The animals talk and sing!
With Doug and Emmy Jo
Every day's a different show!
It's the New Zoo Revue
Right at You!