Thursday, November 25, 2004

A Veggie-ful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving brings out the cook in me.

For weeks, I have been going through every cookbook I have in the library, as well as back-issues of Vegetarian Times. Rich soups and sauces simmer on every page. Casseroles call to me. I can even imagine myself making savory loaves of seitan....from scratch. Maybe quinoa............

Funnily enough, lots of people think that that's how vegetarians eat all of the time. Er....we seldom eat like that even on holidays. But, every now and again, I do feel like doing something wonderfully extravagant for the holiday table. The thing is that few occasions showcase vegetarian cuisine quite like Thanksgiving.

My first Thanksgiving as a new bride was on our honeymoon. (No pressure there, right?) We were in the mountains, it was freezing and I made baked potatoes, broccoli and a pumpkin pie.

Since then, we have experimented with more complex menus. TonyP has whipped up wonderful and exotic casseroles with mushrooms and chestnuts. I've perfected my version of vegan pumpkin pie. We even have Tofurkey some years, although it's far from a necessity - it's just really so cool that there is such a thing!!!!

The menu this year? After all that looking at cookbooks, I chose baked potatoes and broccoli with a vegan pumpkin pie.

And Tofurkey, just for fun.

Monday, November 22, 2004

So, anyway....

I've been seeing previews of today's Oprah and, evidently, it's time for the annual Oprah's Favourite Things show.


The previews show an audience full of hysterical women, squeeling with delight as Oprah unveils her fave picks of the season. (Remember pashmina?)

Which kind of got me to wondering just how enthusiastic such an audience would be if I unveiled some of my fave things:

Swiffers! (Yea!)

Static Guard! (Squee!)

Prewashed Salad Greens! (Aiee! Omigod! Omigod!)

Obviously, Oprah and I have different criteria.