Monday, February 14, 2005

Studio Notes

I am an artist.

So, naturally, all I ever seem to do is....write?

Three writing conferences in three weeks, plus all of the essays for grad school. And I usually write at night, just before I fall asleep.

So,anyway.... I've decided that I'm going to spend more time in the studio. And I've also decided to try blogging a bit about art and art-related topics, from time to time.

To start things off: I am pleased to be able to write that I managed to clean off my worktable today. I also put my slide sheets into a binder and began an inventory of art materials that I have on hand. I realized that I need a couple of new full-spectrum light bulbs and another power strip. (I never seem to have adequate lighting!)

Storage is always a problem for me, as well, and I've been daydreaming about some flat storage drawers from Cheap Joe's, to store water colour paper. But, for now, I think that I'd rather put my money into materials instead of studio equipment. Paint doesn't ever seem to get any cheaper and I use a remarkable amount of ultramarine blue!

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