Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Studio Notes

Over the years, I've run across quite a few articles that suggest that artists need look no further than their own back gardens for inspiration.

I've just spent the morning sketching the view from the bedroom window - a shallow, suburban strip of mulch and scrub with a woodpile and an overturned wheelbarrow.

Those people who advise artists to sketch their own backyards have obviously not seen mine.

Actually, two hours drawing a rotting woodpile in pencil is an interesting exercise. Since it's February, everything is pretty much monochromatic anyway. So, I've mostly been studying the various shades of grey.

But, as I've been working, I've noticed tendrils of new vines and - here and there - a few tentative leaves.

In a few short weeks, the view from this window will be drastically different - a study in greens instead of greys.

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