Wednesday, May 18, 2005

License To Drive

Word of warning:

I had my first golf lesson last night!

Unfortunately, I did not suck at it to the extent that I would be inclined to give it up before starting.

The instructor has done nothing to dissuade me either. Of course, the whole golfing industry revolves around purveying hope to the hopeless, so I didn't really expect him to shake my hand after the lesson and say: "Stop. Just stop now. Save your money."

But, did he really have to encourage me?

I grew up with something of an aversion to the game. That was probably because I was living in Greensboro. I'm not sure if it was the clothing that turned me off or if it was the fact that attending the GGO counted as an excused absence from high school but attending kayak races was not.

Still, in recent years, I have noticed that a lot of the people I know play golf. So, I decided to give it a try and asked TonyP for lessons.

My first class was last night.

And I didn't suck.

I'll probably take more.

I have my own clubs.

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