Monday, May 09, 2005

Nifty, Nifty! JennySlash is......!

Last week, I celebrated my fiftieth birthday.

I celebrated by spending a few days at my favourite spa with my Honey, where I had a facial and a fabulous Shiatsu massage. So - having had my shoulder worked on and after spending a lot of time floating in the mineral pool - I'm good for a few more miles, anyway.

I didn't observe the day by doing anything crazy. Nothing nutty. Didn't jump out of a plane or get anything tattooed or pierced. No flashy new sportscar. Pretty tame by most people's standards, I suppose.

Then again, I did start grad school this semester - which was something I had always dreamed of doing. That was my great leap of faith - no plane necessary.

However, my small act of daring is nothing compared to my Mom's.

She just turned seventy-five.

She and her high school sweetheart just got engaged.

Talk about a leap!

So, no tats or piercings. No Jags or parachutes.

Not for us.

That kind of shit is for wimps.

Real life takes real guts.

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