Friday, August 12, 2005

How I've Actually Been Spending My Summer Vacation

I decided to take advantage of the two-week gap between Summer Session and Fall Semester and have actually enjoyed doing nothing.

Well, maybe not "nothing" but as close to it as makes no difference, anyway.

I have read two books: Half-Blood Prince and a mystery by Beverly Connor called One Grave Too Many.

I've straightened up my Studio, managed to finish two pen-and-ink drawings and gotten outlines done for two new stories.

I have caught up with my laundry and gone kayaking twice: once at Roanoke Island and once in Orange County.

I even got a little sleep.

Those who have known me a long time are aware that I don't take "down-time" well. I tend to get bored and a little twitchy. At least, that used to be the case.

Over the years, I think that I've gotten a bit better at relaxing. And I am not all that stressed about how many things I didn't get done over the last two weeks. The front railings still need paint, the sofa still needs a slipcover, paintings need to be done for upcoming shows and work needs to be framed.

What I do need to work on is pacing myself a little better and balancing my art, writing and grad school as the new season approaches. I've committed to two shows, I'm taking Global Economics this Fall and I now have several stories in various stages of development.

Concerned over the enormous amount of work I will need to get done this Fall, I did take some time this week to develop a workable production schedule as well as a daily schedule so that I could plan out the next several months. Everything was marked down to the quarter-freakin'-hour.

Then, I tore the schedules into little shreds and threw the bits away.

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