Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oh, Great. More Links....

This semester I am taking a course on Global Economics.

It's slow going, as you might imagine.

Every couple of hours I take a break and walk around the living room until the strange metallic taste leaves my mouth.

I have come across some very useful resources, such as the Economic Policy Institute page, Dollars & Sense , and the webcast area of Commanding Heights, which aired on PBS.

I can't say that any of this will help you understand the current economic situation any better. But maybe, maybe, the information will help you to generate fresh ideas.

'Cause it's becoming pretty obvious that new ones are needed!

Last Sunday, I watched a noted economist (name withheld 'cause he pissed me off!) holding forth on tv about how misguided Americans are about child labor in other countries. He laughed at the concern - actually laughed! up. Bone up.

Then, when your brain and heart hurt so much that you just can't take it anymore, come on over to the Sugarquill, pour yourself a butterbeer and talk about Harry Potter, horcruxes and Snape's loyalty.

'Cause, trust're going to need a break!

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