Saturday, October 22, 2005


Most guys are a chore to go shopping with.

And don't even try to take them to a shoe store!

Fortunately, I married a man who grew up hanging around malls. A little retail doesn't scare him! He's great fun to go shopping with and is the one person I trust to select clothing for me. He'll even help me shop for shoes.

I may have pushed my luck when we returned home from a great day of shopping to suggest that we finish measuring for draperies, select a color and place the order online.


You see, we heat with natural gas, we have lots of windows and very little in terms of drapery. I decided that it was time for us to finally buy some insulated draperies and hopefully keep our gas bill from sky-rocketing this winter. (Well, we know it'll sky-rocket. Just tryin' to keep it from leaving the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere.)

Naturally, the window measurements weren't standard, the sizes that we needed were not in stock and the delivery date will be later than I'd hoped for. Oh, and they'll cost more than I'd estimated.

Even the most dedicated of husbands will start to get a little glassy-eyed at that point.

So, TonyP gets all kinds of thanks for putting up with my late night craving for vanilla window coverings.

That's service above and beyond.

(I just hope he'll still be that supportive when the order arrives six weeks late, the wrong color and the wrong sizes.)

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