Sunday, November 27, 2005

The First Sunday of Advent

OK. I'll admit it. I blew off going to church today.

Sheer laziness on my part, I reckon. My only excuse was that it was raining.

Still, I did take the time to rake some leaves and reconnect with my home, after a week's absence. It was good to work in the rain. It has been so dry that there has been little gardening to do.

I got the Advent candles out but decided not to use my usual wreath this year. Instead, I've set the candles in brass candlesticks and I will be able to add appropriate greenery once I've gotten around to pruning the hollies.

Tonight, while TonyP was downtown, I lit the first candle and sang the first verse of O Come. O Come, Emmanuel.

Then I checked out the first installment of Angels We Have Heard Are High over at Going Jesus.

Go, Thou, and do likewise.

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