Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Food + Beer + Bloggers =

TonyP and I just got home from a blogger meet-up, over at the new American Tobacco thingy.

OK, first of all: If you haven't been over to the new American Tobacco thingy, please do so. It is very cool. The old brickwork is especially beautiful and that's where they've moved the Mellow Mushroom. The complex is across the street from the Bulls stadium and within easy walking distance of the Amtrak platform and the big-ass jail that looks an awful lot like a hotel when you see it from the baseball stadium.

If you saw me at the meet-up, you probably thought that I was not having a good time. But I was just tired. Actually, I had a great time! It was nice putting faces to names and I always enjoy the vibe I get from bloggers.

It is a very dynamic community.

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