Wednesday, December 14, 2005

But What About The Third Sunday Of Advent?

Well you might ask!

Blogger ate it.

And before I was able to reconstruct my masterful essay of the Peaceable Kingdom and looking within ourselves for those places that keep this vision from being manifested I turned on the television and found myself staring at one of those dark places.

There is a rage that swells up within me at times and spills out in very, VERY colorful language. Its is a rage that is largely confined to a certain politician and his various ideological hangers-on, these days - although it has been known to extend to dangerously stupid people at large.

I know that I am called to see the Christ in my fellow humans.

All of 'em.

That is the truly scary part of the image of the Peaceable Kingdom.

It's not just a pretty picture on a card or a banner.

It's a challenge.

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