Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hand-Wash Only, Handle With Care, Dry Flat

I am on a skirt-sewing binge this week.

Having successfully completed a muslin for a new skirt pattern, I have been searching the corners of the closet in my Studio for any and all signs of unused or recycled fabric of an appropriate weight to use for a posh new skirt for the Holidays. There are bits of old ballgowns and cocktail dresses and fabric that I've had for twenty years. There is even a few yards of what has been dubbed "the world's ugliest fabric" (which I inherited from my late cousin who had inherited it from her late mother-in-law and heaven knows from whom she inherited it!).

Oh yeah, there's also the cool fabric with the surfboards and woodies.

About ten years ago, I offered to sew a shirt for TonyP and he picked out the fabric with the surfboards. I had the pattern all set and then he says to me that any clothing of his needs to be able to go into the washing machine and dryer.

Well, my sewing doesn't stand up well to machine washing.

So, there the fabric sits, in a bin at the bottom of the closet, looking more and more like a candidate for my skirt project.

Which brings me to a dilemma which I am certain many of you are familiar with: crafting for men.

Let's face it, while gals may ooh and ahh over a nifty new beaded bookmark and some handmade soap, there's not a lot of ideas out there to make for guys. Oh, there's a few things for crochet and making gifts for guys is probably the main reason why women are taking up knitting. But elegant and home-made or hand-crafted gifties for guys are somewhat lacking in the craft design industry.

The situation is a little better in sewing pattern design and fabric availability. But I am a dressmaker - NOT a tailor. And we've already covered the whole handwashing thing.

I dare say that there is not a man alive who would not throw a shirt away before he'd handwash it.

Which is a pity because that retro fabric with the surfboards would make a damn-fine shirt.

But, it'll make a really nifty skirt!

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