Thursday, October 13, 2005

Having A Martha Moment...or Two!

The several days that I spent in the car last weekend has absolutely shredded my back.

After spending two days lying on the sofa (making notes for my next nano novel) I finally couldn't take it any longer and spent an hour raking leaves. My back still hurts, of course, but I feel positively virtuous for having done a bit of yardwork! And, I have officially declared Autumn underway.

Today, I tidied up the front porch and added a vintage-looking owl decoration to the grapevine wreath that resides on our front door. I will have to pick up a couple of pumpkins, this weekend.

There is something about Autumn that brings out the "country" in me. I find myself buying copies of Country Living and Southern Living. I do little bits of quilting, crochet like mad and even start thinking about cooking. Before long, I will start planning the gifts and decorations that I will make for the holidays. Hopefully, I will be able to even get a little sewing done!

During the Summer, I do nothing - or at least as close to nothing as makes no difference. (Just getting through the season is challenge enough.) But, in Autumn I come back to life.

It certainly helps to be living in North Carolina. This state is blindingly beautiful at this time of the year.

Can't make it to the mountains this week? Check out Blue Ridge Blog for pics that'll take your breath away.

Try this site for a quick mid-day vacation to Blowing Rock.

Or, pick up a copy of Our State and find out more about towns just down the road.

Since we're all trying to save gas and money, we may as well have a pretty view while we're doing it. While you're out running errands, this weekend, consider taking a more picturesque route.

Oh, and avoid the part of Raleigh near the Fairgrounds!!