Saturday, December 03, 2005

So, anyway....

....I woke up this morning with a splitting migraine and felt like curling up under the covers and spending the day in the dark.

However, today was my appointment at Syd's and it would take a lot more than a mere migraine to keep me away from my December, pre-Holiday Cut-&-Colour!

As it turned out, I was mighty glad I went. Maybe it was the pretty pink Barbie Christmas tree in the corner. Maybe it was the Excedrine Migraine Formula. Or - just maybe - it was listening to Radio Nigel.

Anyway, by the time I was finished I felt positively human.

So human that I felt like going to City Beverage for dinner!

I'm so glad that I got up today!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Making Your Home Sparkle For The Holidays

Here are a couple of handy household hints to add a bit of shimmer and shine where now things are a bit tarnished and dull.

Brass - this works for brass that doesn't have any lacquer, like candle holders from import stores.( I am not recommending this for your good brass chandelier.) Just spritz with plain ol' Kaboom cleaner and rinse well. Works fast with minimal mess. We have a set of brass dinnerware that we we never using because it was such a pain to polish. Now, I have it done in a few minutes. (Note: this also works with copper - like the bottoms of Revere Ware.)

Silver Plate - To polish up silver pieces in a flash, you'll need aluminum foil, salt, water softener and very hot water. Put the aluminum foil in a dishpan. (You'll want a rather large piece if you have a large piece of silver because the process works best where the foil is touching the silver plate. ) Now, add about 1/4 cup of salt and about the same of water softener. You can use a little more if you're doing a large piece. Now, add very hot water; and mix the salt and softener. Now, carefully slip the silver object in the water - making sure that it's touching foil. You can even bend the foil up to make sure that it's reaching everything you need polished. Just keep the object in the solution and make sure that the foil is touching it. In no time, the tarnish will disappear. Do not leave in the solution any longer than necessary. When you take the object out, rinse well in warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Cool, huh?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The First Sunday of Advent

OK. I'll admit it. I blew off going to church today.

Sheer laziness on my part, I reckon. My only excuse was that it was raining.

Still, I did take the time to rake some leaves and reconnect with my home, after a week's absence. It was good to work in the rain. It has been so dry that there has been little gardening to do.

I got the Advent candles out but decided not to use my usual wreath this year. Instead, I've set the candles in brass candlesticks and I will be able to add appropriate greenery once I've gotten around to pruning the hollies.

Tonight, while TonyP was downtown, I lit the first candle and sang the first verse of O Come. O Come, Emmanuel.

Then I checked out the first installment of Angels We Have Heard Are High over at Going Jesus.

Go, Thou, and do likewise.