Thursday, January 05, 2006

On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas....

Well, three weeks have passed.

Three weeks of fever, coughing and Basic Cable.

According to my doctor, I can't possibly have had the flu because there is no flu reported in North Carolina yet this season.

I'll just let the sheer silliness of that statement sink in a while.

While I was laid-up, I did a little on-line research. It turns out that the data for those flu activity maps is about a week old before we see them on the Weather Channel.

If you're really interested in the actual ILI (influenza-like illness) data, you might consider checking out the state of North Carolina's Health and Human Services site or even go to the CDC site. It is certainly worth a look-see to find out how the data is collected for these reports.

Or, you can save the research activity for when you find yourself flattened by a fever and running out of things to keep your mind occupied!

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