Monday, February 13, 2006

From Size 18 To Size 6

As I've said before, there's nothing more boring than reading about someone else's weightloss.
Still, millions are spent each year on books that are really no more than just that.
Well, here's a chance to learn a little bit about my own story and I won't charge you a dime.

Over the next few weeks, I'll open up a little about the process up to this point.

Part 1: "Little Jenny On The High Wire"*

According to my eDiets progress page, I started out on June 25, 2000 at 193lbs. What it doesn't say is that I had reached 200 lbs a year earlier and had struggled to lose that seven pounds. It also doesn't say is that I had struggled all along the way up to that point.

I used to be a dancer. I began studying ballet as a child and did not stop until my sophomore year of university. I was never a great dancer and probably wasn't even a good one. But I loved dance. It didn't matter that I was not great. It didn't matter that I was not a sylph. It didn't matter that I was "too tall" to be a classical ballerina.

The summer after my freshman year, I tripped in a hole in my parents' front yard and heard my ankle snap before I blacked out. It wasn't broken but what the doctor called "a bad sprain" never healed right. I had had trouble with my feet since birth so I assumed that I would be able to train around the injury but it didn't work out that way.

Despite giving up ballet, I remained very active all through my twenties. I loved discos, walked everywhere and usually had a job where I was on my feet. Recovery from a back injury got me interested in weight training. The spring that I met TonyP, I was tending bar at night and working landscaping during the day.

I also sewed all of my clothes (except for jeans!), so I knew my proportions down to a quarter of an inch. So when it came time, the following Spring, to sew my wedding dress, I was shocked to discover that I had gone up about two sizes from the year before!

That was twenty years ago. Over the years I have battled a sedentary lifestyle, further injuries and the metabolic changes of peri- and post-menopause. I also had difficulty learning to manage stress.

And I did this while trying to live on pasta and toast.

(Check back for the next installment: "Ten Years Of Pasta")

* Any of you brave enough to guess the song title, the album and artist? Be aware that your ability to answer this without Google will probably betray your age.

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