Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So, anyway....

....There was a time, not so long ago, when there was a Limited store everywhere you looked.

Kinda' like Starbucks is now.

It's hard to believe but now I have to go to Raleigh, Cary or Greensboro to find a Limited. And that really matters to me because I am on a quest to find a new pair of jeans for Spring. The pair of jeans that I've been wearing came from the Limited but I wanted to try the same style but in a size smaller.

Not too much to ask. Is it?

You see, most jeans are just too damn short. Not "only wear with flats" short. Really too short, as in "ankle bone" short.

Even the jeans that they sell for gals that wear tall shoes - like the Daisy Fuentes line at Kohl's - are actually made for shorter women and the knee break is in the wrong place.

So, last Sunday, Tony and I went to Greensboro so I could spend an hour trying on jeans at the Limited. But, for some reason, not a single style/size/length was workin' for me that day.

Not a one.

Some years ago, TonyP worked for a company that makes jeans and he confirmed for me something that every woman knows from personal experience - there is a lot of variation from one pair of otherwise identical jeans to the next. Evidently, it is acceptable for there to be up to an inch in variation.

What a difference an inch makes!

That is half of a size!

Well, some days the goddesses of denim are with you and some days they are not.

I did snag a cheapo pair of jeans at NYC.

They are what NYC calls "long".

Me? I'll be wearin' them with flats.

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