Monday, March 13, 2006

From The Back Garden...

I had hoped to take advantage of our unseasonably warm weather to do some work in the yard and maybe get in a little gardening. Alas, it is too hot and windy to get anything done today. But I did do a quick tour of the garden to assess the state-of-things.

It's too late to do anything about the crepe myrtles - they already have leaf buds! It isn't even Spring yet!

The deer have already been at the azaleas and started in on my daylilies. I suppose that the drought has driven them into the neighborhood again. I wish that they'd trim back the hollies, instead! The hollies could do with a trim but the azaleas will end up as just bare sticks after just a few nights of grazing.

Oddly enough, the daylilies seem to thrive on this ill-treatment.

As long as the deer munch the leaves back early enough (and they don't get at the flower spikes!), the plants seem to come back quite well. I've even noticed that the lilies will produce more flowers.

The pink viburnam didn't flower much this year but the leaves have begun to appear on all of the shrubs. I've even noticed some new growth! They took quite a beating last Summer, so I am thrilled to see that they haven't succumbed to the drought.

The Carolina jasmine is still in bloom. It's also on the move! I tried to move the lawn sprinkler and found that several tendrils had grown through it and then taken root in an adjacent flower bed. The jasmine is now headed up the meter box !

The wild violets are also in bloom this week. They don't bloom prolifically but they are hardy and they are one of those odd bits of serendipitous gardening - along with the wild roses, a single fern and this forsythia that turned up a year ago.

Now...if the garden gnomes would just arrange for a load of mulch.....

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