Monday, August 14, 2006

Crises In Dairy Aisle

It was bad enough when the Dairy-Down-The-Way has to recall all of their milk last week.

At least I knew what that was all about and, now that the recall is over, I know that I am able going to be able to pick up a bottle the next time I get to the market.

Cottage cheese is another matter.

For some unknown reason, I cannot find Breakstone Cottage Cheese!

It started with the large, lowfat cartons. Then the smaller cartons. Then the regular cottage cheese began to disappeared.

Tonight there were just a few crushed snack packs.

And it hasn't just been at Harris Teeter!

The Amazing Disappearing Cottage Cheese Act is (dis)appearing throughout the area.

But why?

Is there a recall I don't know about?

Or is it just because the students are back?

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