Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Night Flick

I'm not sure the first time that I saw it.

I think it must have been 1970.

Like just about everyone my age, I had grown up watching Mel Brooks on TV. I was also familiar with the work of Zero Mostel.

And I know that I had already developed a crush on Gene Wilder by the time I first saw The Producers.

I remember rolling on the living room floor, laughing so hard that my sides were hurting.

For decades I have cherished The Producers as the funniest movie that I had ever seen. So, when I first learned of plans to turn it into a Broadway musical I was appalled.

Brooks' enthusiasm for the project calmed my fears - only to have them resurface when I learned of the plans to make a movie of the musical.

The Producer...The Musical! (jazz hands) was hard enough to come to terms with.

But, a movie...of a musical...made from a movie?

Well, it's Friday night and that usually means a DVD around our house. TonyP brought home The Producers for this evening's selection.

OK. I'll admit it. I enjoyed it. I even laughed at Will Ferrell - which anyone who knows me NEVER happens!

I understand that Brooks is now planning a musical version of Young Frankenstein.

I grant you that the project sounds intriguing......

....but who would you cast?????

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