Monday, September 11, 2006

Hmmmm........Am I Being Too Productive?

Sunday, I weeded and mulched around the front walk - til I ran out of mulch, time and energy.

TonyP is fixin' me up with more of the mulch but the other two are up to me.

I began this morning by rising (way!) too early and found that I had enough time for both breakfast and Morning Prayer.

Next up: half an hour of housework. Now, mind you, the house is in a right ol' state but you gotta start somewhere!

Creative time: Popped in a video and tackled a crochet project that I've had the yarn for for ages. Worked the gauge swatch til I got it right. Cool. (Note: Lion Brand's Homespun yarns do not like to be ripped back. Not at all.)

Art: Got started on a new watercolour, this morning. I took a nice photo of a water lily while I was recently in Manteo. Today, I did a few sketches and then started on a small version of the watercolour. I got as far as laying in the underpainted shadows on the lily before time for lunch.

Class: got started on the unit on Japan and watched a movie.

Writing interval: Well, this right here!

How long can I keep this whole schedule thing up?

I'm f****n' exhausted!

It's not even 6:00 pm yet!

The up side?

A whole evening to do what-ever-I-want!

(Which will be study.)

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