Thursday, October 12, 2006

Emergency: Send Grits

Mom just called and she's freezing her tail off!

She and her fiance are up home in Minnesota and an early snowfall sort of caught her off guard. She didn't really pack Winter clothes, although she did pack her lightweight parka. Still, no warm clothes and no snow boots.

Worst part?

No grits!

Evidently, grits cannot be found in the Twin Cities.

God knows how they make shrimp-n-grits without! (I don't believe that there is a satisfactory substitute. Cous-cous just isn't the same.)

Fortunately, last Christmas, her fiance had sent some to his daughter. The daughter doesn't care for grits and was only too happy to give them to my Mom.

This a.m., while her sweetie was out shoveling snow and putting the heater in the bird bath, Mom made herself a breakfast of stewed rhubarb and a bowl of grits.

An interesting spin on the whole fusion cuisine concept.

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