Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Something On Canvas

I haven't tried working in acrylics under this new schedule until today.

I managed to get most of a small 10"x10" painting of a waterlily finished today. I had planned on just getting a few stages of the project done today: scaling up my original drawing, editing & cropping, transferring to the canvas and - maybe - going over the charcoal lines with paint.

Well, the drawing and transfer thing went quickly - because I have already done two watercolour versions and my original drawing is pretty easy to reinterpret.

And, having transferred the drawing, I really needed to go over the lines with paint.

And, having dirtied a brush, water and having a quantity of my darkest value already drying out on my palette, I decided to go ahead and do the underpainting.

Well, that went pretty fast. So, I decided to lay in the greens....then the reds....the oranges....and the pinks.

That really doesn't leave much.

For all intents and purposes, it's done.

Of course, I ran way over the time alotted for studio work which threw off everything else.

I breathlessly crossed the 6:00pm finish line with three short reflections on Rumi, for class.

Now, I have to knock out an essay on the same thing by bed time.

It's not easy because the only text that we can use as a reference for this class is that Beat Poet, Free-Verse Essential Rumi thing-y.

But, what-the-hell.

I finished a canvas today!

(btw: if you are interested in reading my grad school blog, email me. I'm not sharing it with the general public.)

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