Monday, November 20, 2006

All I Want For Christmas.... a clean house!

It's the time of year when I realize that I will really only have one final chance to really clean the house before the New Year.

This sort of makes the "Holiday decorating" thing sound kind of unattractive.

Because there's nothing quite like that grueling strike party in January when all the spent and dusty decorations have to be pulled down, put away and otherwise dealt with.

Actually, I adore decorations. I love going to the malls to gawk at bright colors and twinkle lights and few things make me feel as festive as driving through neighborhoods, looking at lights and listening to carols.

Last night, I was feeling in a major funk because my paper and I had reached a sort of impasse. My inner child started feeling deprived of anything remotely resembling fun. So, TonyP drove me and my sulky inner child over to Target to look at sparkly things!

Beautiful papers and decorations....faux trees of every description....cute retro cards......!

My migraine subsided and my disposition improved.

I am not one of those folks who glowers at the decorations that arrive in the shops before Hallowe'en. Too many families really only have one time during the season to gather together and for many of them it is at Thanksgiving. So, I'm all for a long festive season, stretching from November into January.

I really only begin to decorate after the first Sunday of Advent, as a rule. I like to take the Autumn decorations down and put out the candles that usher in the stillness of the season of Advent. Serious Decking-of-Halls doesn't generally commence until later in the week or the next weekend. Nothing can come down til after Twelfth Night so stuff does tend to get a bit dry and dusty during Christmas.

This year, I'm taking class over Winter break so the decorations need to be festal but not too fussy. I'm sort of thinking "Colonial Revival" as my theme this year. At least for inside the house. Outside, I'll probably repeat last year's "Lion & Lamb" theme and lash the huge-mungo faux wreath to the front rails with zip-ties. Despite my tendency to want "tasteful" decorations on the front of my own house (read that as non-electrical) I will certainly put lights in the big wreath - and as many other places as I can manage. And, I'll probably want to get that done before Advent.

Because, the outside of the house isn't for me. It's for the carloads of weary people who drive around looking to lighten their own spirits - who drive around with the carols playing on their cd changer, looking for Christmas lights.

In November.

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