Thursday, December 21, 2006

Solstice Greetings!

TonyP and I recently took a few days to enjoy the Holiday decorations at Colonial Williamsburg.

I've dreamt of seeing the Williamsburg decorations since I was a girl so this was a real treat and we had a great time. We ate too much, shopped too much and slept too little!

However, it was unseasonably frigid, that week. I'm afraid that I had a hard time concentrating on how pretty and clever the decorations were until I downloaded the photos of the trip! I'll try to post a couple more for you. The guidelines for the decorations within the historic area are that the materials need to be things that would have been available to the colonists but, since the outdoor decorations are not "period", how the materials are used and interpreted is wide open.

One thing that I had not counted on was just how dark everything would be in the late afternoon, as the seasons began to turn. Those candles in the windows are also not "period" (to say nothing of the discreet electrical "moonlight" scattered about the town). Homes and streets would have seemed quite dark to our modern eyes - accustomed as we are to having light and warmth available with just the flick of a finger.

Tonight is the Winter Solstice and again I think of how dark and cold the streets of our forbears would have been at this time of the year. And of how much the promise of light really means to the heart and soul.

Warmth and Light and Joy to all of you!

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