Monday, June 05, 2006

So, Anyway....

....I'm trying to get ready for Second Summer Session.

Psychologically, that'll be a bit rough because I've had an extended break. It takes a while to get my head back around to being a grad student and away from being a normal, sane person.

From purely practical standpoint, this is next to impossible when the professors don't supply syllabi in a timely fashion!

It's less than two weeks away and the guy teaching my Summer class only just published his syllabus. Much to my surprise, there are 2 dvds that are required viewing - in addition to the text.

Fotunately, my advisor had pried the name of the text from the professor a few weeks ago so I already have mine in hand.

But dvds?

The problem is: most of my professors don't think about the hassle of getting the materials they require. They care nothing of the cost. They care nothing of the scarcity. They don't bother ordering the materials for the bookstore and they never, ever have the syllabus ready in time to gather these things before class starts.

But they always want our work turned in on time.

Hmmm. I guess they think their time is worth more than ours.