Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's Summer!

That's in case you haven't noticed.

I can tell because I've switched over to my Summer schedule - the one where I work all night and sleep during the daytime.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Studio Time

Although I am preparing for Summer Session, I thought that it would be a good idea to tidy up the Studio so that I can maybe get a little artwork done in the near future.

See, I'm committed to two shows, this Fall, and I have no new work.

No pressure there.

The Studio is actually one of the rooms upstairs that must have been meant as a bedroom for a pre-adolescent. The room itself is of a decent size - for a bedroom - but sadly too small for a proper studio. Storage is a nightmare and lighting is a problem as there is only one small window. It is also the room with the attic access which presents certain difficulties in furniture placement.

Straightening up the Studio is, therefore, something of a constant problem/process. It generally takes the form of shifting the same piles from one place to another for about a week, until my back gives out and I chuck all of the odd bits into large bins from WalMart.

I am, therefore, quite amused by any DIY or makeover show that features a workroom/sewing room/studio redo.

Clearly, what the situation calls for is a "theme". Something grand and eloquent that speaks of my personality and is also available as wallpaper. Borders are nice but what the room really needs is a handpainted border by an artist who specializes in that sort of thing. Did I forget to mention the paint chips? And the vibrant wall color? And drapery. Every f****n studio needs the right window treatment.

I was on HGTV's website, last night, looking for storage and arrangement ideas for this round of Studio straightening when I came across a studio whose owner has spent over $10,000 having decorated. Decorated, mind you. Not fitted out. Decorated. The theme was something like "dragonflies".

Someone paid that kind of money for decorators to redo their painting studio?

Me? I'm going to see if I can pick up another bookcase over at Staples.

And then run over to WalMart - and pick up some more bins.