Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hope You're Holiday Weekend Is Funner Than Mine

I could be watching Xaolin Soccer or Army of Darkness - in either English or Spanish.

But I'm stuck watching a really depressing movie about Mao's Cultural Revolution and then having to write about it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

More Studio Time

I've been struggling with this particular Studio redo for two weeks, trying to decide how best to resolve the ongoing issues of storage and function in a space which needs to perform as art/design studio as well as sewing/crafting work room.

I've decided that my storage requirements are of two types: deep storage and active storage.

Deep storage is for things that are seldom, if ever, used. Active storage is for putting things away so that you can find them again! A project will never get finished once it has been chucked into a bin which ends up under another bin and another before being stashed behind the door marked "Beware of the Tiger".

For years I have tried to come up with a configuration of closed cabinets and open shelving that isn't merely adequate for now but also a system that I can use long-term.

As part of the ongoing Studio redo, I went over to Staples with TonyP, in search of a plain ol' bookcase to house the growing collection of binders and notebooks.

It should have been a quick stop but he spotted an office "system" that looked ideal for my long-range plans so I ended up having to wait for a sales associate to check the backstock and tell me that they didn't have enough pieces of either finish to make a set.

Ready-made systems are risky things. Even the ones that can be configured to suit your own space make certain assumptions about space allotment and usage.

Still, the idea took hold and we found ourselves looking this particular system up online and placing an order that very night. While it is not purpose-built, it offers covered storage as well as open shelves and large, flat spaces that are ideal for paper.

Now, of course, I'll have to undo two weeks of work to make room for the spankin' new system....