Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where Has The Year Gone?

I was at Lowe's today, picking up mulch and mums and thinking about just how quickly this year has gone by for me!

What with grad school and travel and all, I've gotten very little done around the house. The yard is in a bit of a state, as well.

Happily, the weather is starting to cool off, some. If we get a few dry days, I ought to be able to make some head-way.

Which brings me to the subject of calendars and schedules.

I suck at organisation.

I really, really do.

Attempts to set up a "proper" schedule have generally been thwarted by my tendency to become engrossed in a project - to the exclusion of everything else.

But, since I am trying to juggle grad school, art and writing - not to mention marriage, laundry and some sort of a social life - engrossed is less of an issue than actually getting around to doing something.

So, I set up a new schedule this past week. And I also got a new planner, hung up a new cork board in my studio and tidied up the worktable!

The net result of all of this virtuous organisation:

a drawing of an elephant

a drawing of a deer

a drawing of a raccoon (that kinda looks like a cat)

a drawing of a lightpost in Old Salem

some quilting

a new totebag

I have also managed to get the laundry done, go to the gym, run the dishes, visit with my mother, go out to dinner with TonyP and get some research done on my ikebana project for grad school.

So, can I keep up this break-neck pace? Will I be able to resist the lure of ten straight hours in the studio? Five hours of yard work?

Will I be able to keep to a schedule?