Thursday, November 09, 2006

Notes From My Study

As you can well imagine, I've been Snoopy-dancing around the house for the last 24 hrs. (Thanks to Metaphor at darkharbor for the Snoopy animation! Very cool!)

The adrenaline jolt has been so strong that, today, I didn't get around to making coffee til noon!

Other than celebrating the election results, I've been busy doing grad school stuff, which accounts for my not being around here, all that much.

I'm still putting the finishing touches on the ikebana presentation (some examples of which can be viewed at my other site) which has been something of a challenge because Blogger has not been cooperating with me!) It's been great fun and I'm curious to see what the rest of my class thinks of it.

Next on the agenda is writing up the paper to go with it. The professor has decided that she wants it 48 hrs earlier than she had originally requested and now I'm trying to adjust my schedule to make that possible. I tend to write long and lose about half to editing. If I start writing it this very minute, I might just bring it in on time.

Of course, I haven't got the luxury to dive in and work on it nonstop. The class is still in session and I have to participate in everyone else's presentations. Which is tremendous fun, of course. I was up til 2:00 am watching a very cool presentation on Ancient Egyptian tomb painting and there was a great presentation on dance by a student from Nigeria that had audio and video clips that I kept playing over and over again! (I'd really love to link to them but, as they are class assignments, I don't think it would be cool to do so. Just take my work for it - I've got some very amazing classmates!)

Another problem with the massive paper-writing thingy is that I still have another weekend on the Studio Tour and I feel very awkward sitting there and writing while people are looking at my artwork. It's a lot better for me to be - well - drawing!

Last year, the weather was so fine that I was able to sit outside and draw on the front porch which kind of drew people in to see our stuff. While it won't be as warm this Saturday, it does look like the weather will cooperate and I hope to be able to do the same thing as last year. At any rate, it won't be as blasted frigid as it was last weekend.