Monday, November 27, 2006

Shifting Gears

After a lovely Thanksgiving with my Mom and a great weekend with some dear friends, I settled in at my desk to catch up on a few minor school-related editing my paper again and paying my tuition for the next couple of classes.

The semester is coming to a close and I am now at the point where I can't wait for it to end so that I can begin planning for the Winter Holidays!

Little by little, the house is being cleared of Autumn decorations. The last ceramic pumpkin is now safely tucked away and the mums will soon be released into the garden to fend for themselves.

I'm still planning a fairly low-key decorative program for our home's interior but with a bit more green and red than last year (which was mainly golds and browns).

I can hear you thinking "Green and red....that's different."

Well, for me, it is. Lime green and shocking pink are my favourite Christmas colors. I also love creme and gold. Last year's gold and brown was very lovely. I'm probably not inclined to do purple and silver again, any time soon. And blue hasn't worked out all that well the times that I've tried it. Gold with pale pink works well, though.

I don't often do red and green.