Thursday, January 04, 2007

Talking Out of School

I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to squeeze in another class over the Winter Break so I've been taking part in a poetry writing workshop.

Don't worry. I won't subject my readers to my verses.

I'm not a poet. Just trust me on that one.

The problem is that the class description available at the time of pre-registration did not indicate that it was a workshop-for-people-who-write-poetry-already ( which was clearly what the professor had had in mind but was unable to convey to the folks who wrote the course description).

I am one of several people who took this to learn how to think and write more creatively but who have no poetic pretensions. There are a couple of people who are poets (and damn fine ones!). There are also a few who haven't read a poem outside of a Hallmark store since childhood and cannot read a poem with any comprehension.

The readings assigned for the class were clearly selected with the professor's original intention in mind and he has struggled to teach poetry to a bunch of us who haven't got a clue.

The last day to drop the class was two days ago and I fear that we are now all stuck in the same lifeboat for the next few weeks so we'll just have to make the best of it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome to 2007!

We've still got a couple of days left in the liturgical season of Christmas and - while I intend to continue celebrating through to Epiphany - TonyP has pretty much decided that things need to be back to whatever-the-hell-normal-is-these-days.

So, slowly, the house is becoming undecorated.

Gifts are being put away and new clothes are being laundered while old clothes and unused items are being gathered up for Goodwill, church rummage sales and the local convenience center.

Our gift from the solid waste management folks of this fine town was a second recycling bin and an expansion of the curbside program to include a long list of paper products. That means that the annual trek to the recycling center to offload the past season's holiday catalogues can be stricken from the too-do list.

Unfortunately, they still don't do cardboard.

I have quite a bit of housework to take care of but it's mostly the normal stuff that gets put off - like laundry, lightbulbs and putting things where they belong (or, at least, out of the way for the time being). Since my decorating was a little on the sparse side there isn't as much un-decorating that needs to be done.

Few things are as dreary as taking down holiday decorations so I do try to find another Wintry decor change to make as a part of the process. I'll put out throws or put out Winter decorations that aren't specifically Christmas in orientation and try to think of ways to celebrate the rest of Winter... because Spring is a long way off, People.

A few years ago, we purchased a set of dishes with a pretty winter motif. (Right, like we really needed more dishes. But these are very lovely, suitable for daily use, dishwasher-safe, they have cute polar bears on some of the dishes!) We begin to use these dishes on the Winter Solstice and keep using them through the Vernal Equinox although there are years when it can be hard to tell Fall from Winter from Spring, where we live.

If you didn't get anything warm and cozy as a gift this holiday season you'll be out of luck if you head for the local mall in search of clothing to keep the chill off for the next several months because they've put out all of the Spring clothes already. They don't even seem to bother with Cruise Season anymore but go straight on to Easter and beyond. Even the local outfitters are having their end-of-season sales so forecasts for a warmer-than-average Winter for this part of the country had better be accurate.

Otherwise, there's always knitting and crochet!

(photo above was taken at Colonial Williamsburg in December, 2006)