Thursday, January 04, 2007

Talking Out of School

I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to squeeze in another class over the Winter Break so I've been taking part in a poetry writing workshop.

Don't worry. I won't subject my readers to my verses.

I'm not a poet. Just trust me on that one.

The problem is that the class description available at the time of pre-registration did not indicate that it was a workshop-for-people-who-write-poetry-already ( which was clearly what the professor had had in mind but was unable to convey to the folks who wrote the course description).

I am one of several people who took this to learn how to think and write more creatively but who have no poetic pretensions. There are a couple of people who are poets (and damn fine ones!). There are also a few who haven't read a poem outside of a Hallmark store since childhood and cannot read a poem with any comprehension.

The readings assigned for the class were clearly selected with the professor's original intention in mind and he has struggled to teach poetry to a bunch of us who haven't got a clue.

The last day to drop the class was two days ago and I fear that we are now all stuck in the same lifeboat for the next few weeks so we'll just have to make the best of it.

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