Thursday, February 15, 2007


Please bear with me for the next few entries, while I try to figure out this new version of Blogger.

So far, the biggest problem that I've run up against is having to set up new accounts, both for my personal and my school-related blogs.

It's a real headache. Mainly because I already have entirely too many accounts - of one sort or another - to try to keep track of!

Of course, I'll soon become so used to the new log-ins and so forth that I won't even notice what my fingers are doing on the keyboard. The old, reptilian portion of my brain will kick in and I will be able to do it all without thinking about it.

That, however, is usually when problems set in!

It's like driving a particular route so many times that you don't even notice the signs. Then, one day, you're sitting in the passenger's seat and trying to give directions to a driver. Suddenly, you're actually looking at the street names and haven't a clue.

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