Monday, March 12, 2007

Oddly Enough

Last Friday, our old sofa-bed of fourteen years was carted off to be recycled.

The decision to replace it was not an easy one. TonyP and I had spent every evening on that sofa. We'd virtually lived there. God knows, we'd eaten dinner on it every night. The state of the upholstery (as many of you can attest!) was frightfully worn.

While we might have had it reupholstered, it had never really fit the family room of our current house. The time had come for us to begin searching for a replacement.

Finding a piece that could easily slip into our lives was a daunting task. We looked everywhere and at everything. From wing recliners, we tried them all. There was a wonderful circular thing, called MyPod (from Carter Furniture), that had a nice crash-pad sort of vibe to it. There were those teacup chairs at Ecko that we've been lusting after for years. And, there were some seriously ungodly recliners that looked like saggy, baggy elephants.

Oddly enough, during an excursion into Raleigh (shudder), we found ourselves at Rooms To Go. Within three feet of the door, we fell in love with a variation on this unit:

Now, imagine that this microsuede chair is actually more of the size of a loveseat, is so high and deep that one's feet dangle without touching the floor and that it folds out into a bed. Also, imagine there's a honkin' rectangular ottoman pulled up in front of it. Now, imagine that everything is a luscious cranberry red!

It's wonderful and cozy and provides very comfortable TV viewing during Tournament Season.

It also looks nifty with the leopard/zebra-print rug!

The one thing that does take a bit of getting used to is that the fabric is very like suede - which means that it water-spots like mad and grabs hold of stains...., no more eating on the sofa!!!

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