Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Couple of Pics of the National Cathedral

Here's a view of a portion of the interior of the Cathedral's West End.

(I'm afraid these pics are a bit fuzzy but I was using TonyP's camera and I'm not used to working with a digital.)

When we arrived at the Cathedral, they were still clearing out after a big diocesan event - consecrating a new bishop coadjutor, I believe. (It was a good thing that we didn't arrive any earlier because the place was jammed with choristers and clergy and the chapels on the lower level had been pressed into service as changing rooms and vesting rooms!)
The camera lighting was still on when we went inside, which accounts for the brighter than usual look to the crossing in front of the choir. I took advantage of the lighting to grab a shot of the slender lines of the rood screen.

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