Friday, June 15, 2007

Skirting Issues

Last Spring (2006) I made up quite a few versions of this skirt pattern (New Look 6843).

Here are two versions in plain cotton prints. The pattern requires so little fabric that I am able to splurge on some of the rather pricier things at the local quilt shop. It's also a very useful pattern for re-using fabrics.

For a recent trip to DC, I packed four of these skirts and some basic tees and felt reasonably well turned-out, despite the oppressive heat and humidity.

This Spring, I am making up a few more skirts from this pattern. Some of them have already been cut out, as in the photo below. This brown/white/turquoise print is one of the versions that I cut out a year ago but haven't gotten around to sewing up!

While I was preparing to take these "before" shots of the linen shirts I want to refashion, I noticed that both fabrics would work well with that skirt fabric! The shirts are massive and there ought to be plenty of linen to work with. These used to be two of my fave linen shirts and the fabric is well broken-in and oh-so-very-soft.

I'm thinking of some sort of camisole or short-sleeved blouse from the white. For the turquoise, I'd like a semi-fitted shirt with 3/4 sleeves but I don't have such a muslin already fitted, so that particular project will have to wait til July.

In addition to finishing the turq/brown skirt, I have about five more abandoned projects in my sewing area! My plan for the rest of June is to get those sorted out and try to finish them.

The "sorting out" portion of the process is being facilitated by a new ring binder system that I've pulled together for projects. Using the project planner downloadable from the Wardrobe Refashion website and a few plastic sleeves, I've finally got a place to organize the projects, make fitting notes and so on!


knittin gin said...

What a meaty post! Where do I start?

First, I just love that little crochet top. I'll bet it'll soften up over time. And that colorful tote is fabulous!

Seriously, you sew sitting on the floor? I mean, you think you know someone...what about back support? And your knee on the pedal? Hmmmm.

I really like that brown, white, and turquoise print. It will make a great skirt. Is that New Look pattern you favor so much still available?

You've been so productive lately. It looks like your recent organization has been paying off. I think I should check out that project planner on the WR website!

JennySlash said...

That skirt pattern IS still available from New Look. It's 6843 and the view I use most often is D, which is a simple, A-line. You probably have one like it in your stash but it would be easy enough to draft one.

The skirt has a center back seam which allows the zipper to be installed flat. That makes any adjustments much easier. (For example: the white eyelet skirt has a full batiste lining and it was a lot easier for me to make the necessary adjustments to the seam allowances at the sides.)

The other thing that I like abut this pattern is that the waistband (which is cut straight-of-grain) is quite narrow - only about 5/8" when finished.

There are front and back darts.

The skirt is cut straight-of-grain so very little fabric is required: only about 1 1/8 yard for view D in size 12, using 45" fabric.

JennySlash said...

Just a word about my sewing on the floor:

I have always preferred sitting on the floor to sitting on furniture and I find that my back bothers me more when I spend too much time on furniture!

My sewing posture is simply seated cross-legged with the pedal under my right knee. I learned to sew with a knee-operated machine (lever type) when I took lessons as a child and was delighted to find it gave me more control over the speed of the machine. When I got my own machine, I was living in a dorm and had no place to sew but the floor so I tried using my knee with the pedal and got used to doing it that way.

It is important to have one's machine at the proper working height and I have not found anything that works better for me than that old suitcase. My arms are at a relaxed angle and I am able to keep my back straight.

If my back does get tired, I can just lie down!

knittin gin said...

I just got my sewing machine out of its box yesterday for the first time since we moved into our "new" house. I hadn't used it in at least three, maybe four years! I'm actually kind of shocked that it's been that long, but it was like finding an old friend.

I know what you mean about finding a place and a set-up that's comfortable for you. I use my machine on an old desk that a mutual friend of ours gave me several years ago. It's small and just the right height for me and has several drawers that are useful (though in terrible need of organizing at this point.) It didn't matter that it was the first time I've sewn in this house. The desk made it feel "right".

I was tickled to think of you just lying down if your back gets tired. That would be very handy!