Friday, June 15, 2007

Some Recent Wardrobe Re-Fashioning

This crocheted shell was my main project for the past week. It's made from Peaches n Cream cotton and the pattern was downloaded from the company website. I had some difficulty with the results I obtained when I followed their gauge: the resulting fabric was too stiff for my liking. So, I fiddled with the hook size and gauge until I found a way to make the pattern drape better. The finished fabric is still a bit too stiff but I think that what it lacks in drape it more than makes up for in its ability to deflect a bladed weapon!
The skirt, of course, is my fave New Look pattern.

These are the rayon shorts that I refashioned from some altogether too billowy pairs of pants. I cut the shorts pattern from the thigh parts of the original garments so there is still plenty of rayon left to play with!

The little tote was made a few weeks ago from the remains of a fitting muslin that I no longer needed.
The skirt (again, that New Look pattern!) began life as a much fuller skirt in the 1980s. It became cafe curtains during the 90s and now returns to skirt status. I made the skirt last Spring.

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