Friday, June 08, 2007

Studio Notes

Not only have we finally broken down and purchased a show tent for street shows ( TonyP is set to do Meadowmont this September), I am now looking at renting larger studio space in Carrboro.

I should probably spend more time painting - if for no other reason than to justify the additional expense!


knittin gin said...

I was just trying to google more info about the show at Meadowmont you referred to, without much luck. Then I thought, gee, why not just ask?

And when might we see some of your work under that tent?

JennySlash said...

The 6th Annual Arts at the Meadow will be held on the 8th and 9th of September, 2007., at Meadowmont Village in Chapel Hill. Hours are from 10-5 both days.

OCAG (Orange County Artists' Guild)doesn't sponsor the show although members are key participants. There are other vendors and there is usually live music.

A few years ago, OCAG did sponsor a Spring show. I did it one year and Tony did it the next but the Guild dropped the show, citing venue and attendance problems. (Those were held at the high schools.)

This is the first time that either of us will have done Meadowmont. It's easier if one of us does the street show or craft fair and the other one helps out with breaks and set-up, etc.

I'm not altogether sure that my stuff would do well at Meadowmont. People tend to go to crafts fairs looking for crafts. (You wouldn't believe how much potters pull down in a day!) I doubt that the larger paintings would sell. Still, I might try some of my smaller pieces - like drawings and watercolors - next year. I'll just need a way to protect the watercolors, in case of rain!