Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just What I Need....More Linens!

Last Saturday, I did a little shopping in Carrboro and managed to make it to Thimble Pleasures. I figured that a quilt shop was my best shot at locating a fabric that would harmonize with this rather lovely/odd vintage tablecloth that I picked up in Manteo, last month.

I had originally thought to reuse the cloth to make a skirt but it's in such good condition and the colors are so vivid that it seemed a shame not to use it for its original purpose. doesn't go with anything that I own!

I figured that the tablecloth would make much more sense with a set of coordinating napkins. The shades of coral and red are quite unusual but I did manage to find a transition print in the same range!


knittin gin said...

Pretty tablecloth! I like the print you found for it too.

I'm hoping to get there (Thimble Pleasures) on Saturday. I've just about finished another bag and I'm sure I'll find something just right for a lining. Their selection is pretty impressive.

JennySlash said...

I'll probably get back this weekend. They have some yukata fabric that I like and I figure that I can justify one more cotton skirt for Summer - before I have to start hunting down fabrics for Autumn.

Other than Thimble Pleasures and Mulberry Silks, we're not exactly blessed with fabric-buying options. But we're so lucky to have those shops!