Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Simple Summer Purse Project

While we were in Manteo, last month, TonyP and I spent rather too much time wandering the aisles of antiques and collectibles shops.

One of the items that I came away with was the small "hamper" below which probably once held a child's tea set. I thought it would make a dandy purse:

In order to prevent the purse contents from escaping through the holes in the basket's weave, I decided to pop in a lining. I decided to use the remaining bits of that Chevy motif cotton that I had left over from a couple of other projects:

The lining is really cardboard and manila tag, covered with fabric and touch of batting. The lining was hot-glued into place, rather than stitched in because I remembered that I do actually own a glue gun and I knew where to find it! I even had some glue sticks, which was sort of a pleasant surprise as I'm reasonably certain that I have not used that glue gun in a decade.

This is my second purse refashion project in a month. The first consisted of replacing the cheesy and cracked plastic lining of one of my fave shoulder bags. In this case, the lining was hand-stiched in place. I used a light tan canvas, which makes it a lot easier to see the contents.

(It's a little hard to make out the motifs in the tapestry fabric but they're Egyptische - which is, of course, why the bag has always been one of my faves!)


knittin gin said...

As you know, I'm a sucker for bags. Cool projects!

JennySlash said...

I had actually planned to use the Egyptian-motif tapestry to make a sling bag because that's usually the style that I carry around town.

That bucket bag was one that I carried to work for ages - before I rec'd that Back Saver - and I remembered how much it could hold.

Even though I don't lug around as much stuff as I used to, there are times when a gal needs a place to stash her field kit and a spare pair of shoes.

Inserting the new lining was a bit tricky because it needed to be about 3" smaller at the opening, due to the manner in which the zipper had been installed. I wound up sewing a couple of deep pleats at the top, to manage the fullness but allow for a smooth fit around the opening.

woof nanny said...

Is it okay to blog this on my purse challenge? It perfectly fits the theme right now.